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Bill My Calls

This is the price list for our online callshop billing service.  In addition, you will need to pay your VoIP provider for terminating your calls.

  • Pick a booth

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  • Getting started

    The first step in getting your online call shop billing service is to sign-up for an account online

    Account sign-up >>

  • Control panels

    Once you have an account, click on the link below to sign in to your online call shop billing system.

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Fixed monthly charges

The price you pay depends on how many booths you have in your call shop.   You can choose between four price plans for Bill My Calls:
  • A monthly flat rate, with no minimum contract term.
  • A 50% discount, for a 1 year contract.
  • A 60% discount, for a 2 year contract.
  • A 70% discount, for a 3 year contract.
Number of booths No contract
(Monthly charge)
1 year contract
(50% discount)
2 year contract
(60% discount)
3 year contract
(70% discount)
1 $29.95 $179.64 $287.52 $323.28
2 $34.95 $209.64 $335.52 $377.28
3 $39.95 $239.64 $383.52 $431.28
4 $44.95 $269.64 $431.52 $485.28
5 $49.95 $299.64 $479.52 $539.28
6 $54.95 $329.64 $527.52 $593.28
7 $59.95 $359.64 $575.52 $647.28
8 $64.95 $389.64 $623.52 $701.28

The service requires prepayment.  For the monthly option, you need to make a monthly payment at the beginning of each month.   For a one, two or three year contract, you need to make a full prepayment for that term when the agreement starts.  Prepayments are not refundable mid-term.   Mid-term booth additions are charged at $5.00 per month, less a discount of between 50% and 70% if you choose a new minimum term for those booths.

All prices shown are in US Dollars.  VAT will apply to customers in the UK at the rate currently in force.

Additional charges

There may be some additional charges that apply to you, although you can usually avoid these:
  • NAT Penetration
    If your installation requires NAT Penetration, then we will charge you $0.0040 per minute for connected calls.  NAT Penetration is not enabled on Bill My Calls account by default, but may be required if your VoIP Provider does not provide this and your VoIP devices are behind a NAT router.  You can often avoid this requirement by reconfiguring your router.  Please see our explanation of NAT Penetration for more information.
  • New VoIP provider
    If you change VoIP provider, then our engineers will need to set that provider up on our switch; test the interconnection and switch your calls to the new provider.  We charge $20.00 for this service.
  • Rates upload
    The Bill My Calls online control panel lets you easily set the rates for your calling service.  You can even upload a complete rate table in Excel format.  If you need us to upload a rate table for you, you will be charged $10.00.
  • Credit card and PayPal payments
    There is a 5% transaction fee for online credit card payments in Euro or US Dollars.  There is a 5% transaction fee for PayPal payments.  You can avoid these charges by paying by credit card in Pounds Sterling, wire transfer or Western Union Quick Pay.  None of these payment methods attract a transaction fee.
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