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Bill My Calls

This page explains how to use the Sipura range of devices to access Bill My Calls.  The Linksys PAP2 uses the same firmware, so these instructions also apply to that device.

  • Pick a booth

    Callshop biller

  • Getting started

    The first step in getting your online call shop billing service is to sign-up for an account online

    Account sign-up >>

  • Control panels

    Once you have an account, click on the link below to sign in to your online call shop billing system.

    Log-in to your biller >>

Logging in

  • Log on the the Admin page of the Sipura using the following URL format: http://a.b.c.d/admin/, where a.b.c.d is the Sipura's IP address.
  • Click on the Advanced link on the top left of the configuration page.


Click on the SIP tab at the top of the page.  Change this setting in the SIP Timer Values section:

SIP T1:    1.5


Configure all lines as follows:
  • NAT settings
    • NAT Keep Alive Enable = No
  • Proxy and Registration
    • Proxy =
    • Outbound proxy = [blank]
    • Register = Yes
    • Use Outbound proxy = No
    • Make Call Without Reg = No
    • Answer Call Without Reg = Yes
  • Subscriber information
    • User ID = [Any number.  Each booth must have a unique number.]
    • Password = [Your Bill My Calls password]
    • Auth ID = [Your Bill My Calls account number]
    • Use Auth ID = Yes
  • Supplementary Service Subscription
    • Three Way Call Serv = No
  • Audio Configuration
    • Use Pref Codec Only = No
    • G729a Enable = No.  (If you are only using one port on the device, you can set this for "Yes" for improved audio quality.  But, the Sipura only allows one concurrent Low Bitrate Call when this codec is enabled.)
    • DTMF Tx Method = INFO
    • Hook Flash Tx Method = INFO
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